What are Egyptian Mau cats?

Whilst they fall into the smaller to medium sized breed category, these spotted kitties sure know how to make an impression. With their silver grey coat and large expressive eyes, these are popular pets that are often seen in cat shows around the world.

Their Personality

If you ask owners of Egyptian Mau’s to tell you about the breed one thing that they will often say is that they are a vocal cat who loves nothing more than being lavished with attention by all members of the family.

They are great hunters and if they cannot find real-life prey they will happily stalk and pounce on a fishing pole toy. They also love playing with water, yes you read that right. Owners of this breed will often find them splashing water out of their water dish or perhaps trying to turn on the tap!

Tricks and games are a favourite of these cats, they learn quickly and easily and love being active as much as they love being fussed on your lap. The perfect all round cat!

One of the most interesting things about the Egyptian Mau is that they are known to be the fastest domestic breed of cat, running up to speeds of around 30mph.

Caring for an Egyptian Mau

With its short coat, the Egyptian Mau only needs grooming once a week to ensure that dead hair is removed.

They are not known for having any breed specific health issues and are often healthy and long living cats, although it is recommended that this particular breed is kept as indoor cats to protect them from theft, diseases and of course to protect the wildlife that this prolific hunter may otherwise like to catch.

Are They The Right Cat For Me?

Egyptian Mau’s are playful and active meaning that they are ideal for families that have school-age children. They are not so keen on younger children and are not advised to be kept with small animals or pet birds due to their incredibly instinctive hunting nature.

There isn’t much that scares an Egyptian Mau, in fact they fit in well with homes that have cat-friendly dogs!

Egyptian Mau’s are the type of cat that will love the attention that you can throw at them, they think of themselves as royalty and will expect to be stroked and fussed as and when they need it!

There are some breeds of cat that easily catch your attention. The Egyptian Mau is definitely one of these. Lets take a closer look!
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