What are Maine Coon cats?

Maine Coon cats are thought to be one of the largest domesticated breeds of cats and their name (or at least it is believed) is a combination of their place of origination (Maine) and some peoples view that they resemblance to raccoons! Although we can’t see it.

Their History

Transported to America from France, these natural hunter cats would often be found living on American farms, catching all manner of vermin for the farmers.

Not known for having the best of weather, the Maine Coon cats needed to up their survival game and developed their beautiful and weatherproof coat to keep them warm and dry despite the harshest of weathers.

Their Look

Of course one of the most instantly recognisable things about Maine Coon cats has to be their size. Whilst the majority weight between 9 and 18 pounds some of the largest ones can tip their scales of 20 pounds or more. That’s a pretty impressive size especially when compared to some of the smaller cat breeds.

Their Personality

Despite their rather gigantic stature, the Maine Coon is known for being one of the most good-natured cat breeds. Whilst they are not needy, they are willing to be lavished with attention should you wish to.

They are not particularly known to be lap cats, but they are always close by just in case your hands are ready for a good old fashioned stroking session.

Thanks to their natural hunting instincts; the Maine Coon loves to play and fetch is one of their most favoured games as it flexes those predatory muscles that they have from their ancestors.

Health and Care

Despite the look of their coat, the Maine Coon breed do not mat easily. All they need is a good brush twice a week to make sure that any dead hair is removed from their coat.

Other than this the care for a Maine Coon is much like the care that any other breed of cat would need. Regular dental cleaning, a spotlessly clear litter tray and of course microchipping are all as important for this breed as it is for any.

The ideal family cat; Maine Coons are ideal for those with children who understand the boundaries.

They are loving, fun and a pretty impressive looking cat to boot; and best of all they are sure to install themselves as a much loved family member in no time at all!

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