What is an Ocicat?

These small spotted cats were created by crossing Siamese, Abyssinian and American Shorthair cats. All of these breeds coming together to create the beautiful look of these amazing cats.

Their Personality

There is one thing that Ocicats are known are for their devotion to not just their family but any humans in particular. They are often found trailing their owners feet and will welcome any human guest in the home with much joy and affection.

Unlike some other cats, Ocicats are happy to be carried around like a baby and will often fall asleep in their owner’s arms.

The Ocicat is incredibly intelligent and loves to learn tricks; especially fetch. This does mean however that they require plenty of stimulation and if they are not ready to stop playing will often hunt out their toys by opening cupboards and drawers.

Thanks to their Siamese heritage, the Ocicat is vocal however unlike the Siamese this is not loud or demanding and will stop with a verbal cue.

Caring for the Ocicat

Ocicats are simple cats to look after and only require weekly grooming to remove dead fur and reduce the chances of hairballs.

They are often seen to be more indoor cats than outdoor ones however if they do crave some fresh air then many owners will take them out on a lead for walks.

Are They The Right Cat For Me?

Ocicats are great cats to own, but they are almost dog like in their needs. They do not like to be left alone and therefore are best suited to a family who will have plenty of time to dedicate to them. That said, they will be happy with cat or dog companion should humans have left them!

They will fit in with children and will relish the attention and playtime that the smaller members of the family will give them and are known to be gentle loving pets if treated with gentle care.

They are beautiful, intelligent cats that will lavish you with affection and ensure that you feel loved each and every day!

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Whilst the Ocicat’s name may be inspired by its bigger cousin, the Ocelot, this breed is completely domesticated.
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