What is a Sphynx Cat?

Known for its unique look; Sphynx cats are a relatively new breed within the UK but have quickly become popular choices for those looking to own something that is a little different!

The history of the Sphynx

The Sphynx cat may seem like an ancient breed but it actual fact it was first seen in Ontario, Canada during 1966 when one solitary hairless male was born to a litter. He was then used to breed further hairless kittens and create the breed as we know it today. The Sphynx breed took another 20 years to appear within the UK making it one of the newest breeds to make an appearance.

The personality of the Sphynx

One thing that is obvious when you own a Sphynx is that they are most definitely a “people cat”. They are incredibly affectionate, sociable and intelligent meaning that they are popular with those who are looking for a cat full of character to fit in with their family.

The downside of this is that Sphynx cats do not like to be alone. They thrive with the attention of families and even other animals and should only be taken if there is a good chance that you will have the time to lavish on them.

They are vocal cats who will often have a “conversation” with you and will give you as much love and affection as you can handle (and maybe some more after that).

How to care for a Sphynx cat

Whilst Sphynx cats are thought to have no hair, they do often have small amounts of fur that feels just like the soft fuzz on a peach. However, their lack of coat means that they are susceptible to the sun and therefore are often kept indoors in order to protect their delicate skin.

Unlike most other cats, Sphynx cats will require regular baths. This is to remove the body oils that build up over time. Thankfully Sphynx cats are known to love their bath time meaning that the process is that little bit easier!

Often, people who own Sphynx cats think that they are delicate flowers, more likely to feel the cold and therefore wrap them up in additional layers that a normal cat would not have. This is not required and can actually cause them to sweat more. All they need is a normal cat bed or basket perhaps with a blanket placed on it so that they can wrap themselves up if they are feeling the chill.

Are They The Right Cat For Me?

If you are looking for a loving, charismatic cat and have plenty of time to lavish on it then a Sphynx may just be right for you. They love nothing more than being part of a family unit and will happily accept children, dogs and other cats into their nearest and dearest. Just make sure that you can have plenty to entertain them and they will make a great family pet for many years!

Sphynx Cat
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