Bengal cat

What are Bengal cats?

Bengal cats are a hybrid of cat created in the USA by breeding an Asian Leopard cat with a domestic cat breed. By bringing these together the breeders were able to create a cat that whilst fully domesticated has the beauty of its wild ancestor.


Bengals are a cat that you can instantly recognise thanks to their intricate patterned coat complete with a soft sheen. They can be found with a standard brown based coat but as well as this there are also “snow Bengals” which are more white in colour.

Bengal’s as a pet

People who own Bengals will often say that they are more than just a pet; with their inquisitive natures and remarkable intelligence they quickly become a key member of the family. This may be because of their need for love and affection as well as their ability to make plenty of noise to make sure that you know they are there.

That takes us onto their voice; Bengal cats have a rather particular way of communicating with their owners whether that be yowls and calls or a simple contented purr.

Why we love Bengals

One of the funniest character traits of the Bengal has to be their seemingly natural love of water. Many owners of this particular breed will tell you that they are not only okay with getting wet but are often found actively seeking out water around the home. Pretty amazing for a species who are thought to despite water in any shape or form.

Bengals are great; they are fun loving, affectionate, intelligent and playful. They are the ideal cat for a family who are looking for a pet who will be more than just someone to stroke (although of course they love that too).

Great hunters, playful companions and a loving friend when you need it; if you want a cat with a difference then perhaps a Bengal may just be the right cat for you.

The Bengal
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In this cat highlight we are looking at the Bengal. A relative newcomer the Bengal breed has not been around for very long
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