Simply Catnip Matatabi Dental Sticks


Is your kitty a stand-out individualist? Are they part of the small percentage of cats unaffected by Nepetalactone, the active ingredient in traditional catnip? If you don’t want your cat to miss out on the catnip fun, we might just have the answer for you.

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Our newest product, Matatabi – or Silvervine, as it’s commonly referred to – is a new alternative to regular catnip. It contains two different active ingredients that may have that special, euphoric “catnip effect” on some cats who aren’t affected by traditional catnip. Therefore, if your cat is not a fan of traditional catnip, you might just find that they love Matatabi!

Even if your cat enjoys playing with regular catnip, Matatabi is a fun new alternative for them to explore – and it’s even been reported that Matatabi can help remove plaque from your kitty’s teeth, helping keep them strong and healthy.

Our Matatabi is specially grown in Asia and comes in 4 handy sticks approximately 10cm long. Its usage is slightly different from traditional catnip – don’t worry about adding it food or edible treats. Your cat will enjoy chewing it during playtime!


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