Simply Catnip Premium Bud And Leaf Catnip


Catnip is naturally occurring and cats will choose to investigate catnip at their leisure. It produces effects of euphoria and relaxation which last for several minutes of play. In the wild you will find cats do a good job of squashing and eating catnip plants. When a cat plays with catnip it is purely out of choice, if you cat is done playing with catnip they will simply get up and walk away.

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Catnip – Nepeta Cataria – is a naturally occurring plant which has long been recognized in triggering feelings of euphoria and relaxation in felines.

Our catnip is extra-strength and impossibly tempting to so many kitties out there! Specially cultivated in Canada, each bud and leaf is judiciously selected and finely ground into small flakes. The final product is presented in handy 30g packets.

We also provide a neat cotton bag, perfect for tidy storage and natural play time!

  • Place some in your hands to encourage your cat to play.
  • Catnip in a beautiful cotton bag is kitty heaven.
  • Refill toys to rejuvenate them.
  • Sprinkle a little in food to help regain appetite.
  • Use to encourage exercise and play.

All of our products are 100% natural, ensuring safe playtime for your kitty. Your cat will explore their catnip product at their own leisure – mimicking cat behavior in the wild, where they have often been observed squashing and eating catnip plants on their own accord. When they have finished having fun with their catnip product, they will simply wander away – hopefully more relaxed and happy than when playtime started!


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