7 Catnip Myths Busted

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Well I really liked the image so lets assume this is us wading through all the myths… or something like that!

There are a lot of different and conflicting stories about catnip so we thought we would clear a few up with our 7 catnip myths guide. We have gone and rounded up some of the most common catnip myths and perhaps some of the less convincing catnip myths and have set out to bust them so here goes:

Catnip Myths

Myth: Catnip is addictive

Catnip is a natural herb which cats are drawn to. Once cats have had enough of playing with catnip they will go and do something else. Catnip is non-addictive.

Myth: Catnip is bad for cats

Being a natural herb catnip entirely safe for your cat and can aid in digestion. Left to their own devices cats will actually eat catnip.

Myth: Catnip makes cats angry

Cats are predators, in the wild they are meat eaters who are designed to catch and kill prey, just look at those canine teeth! All throughout a cat’s life, especially when young, they practice hunting. Whether it is trying to catch a piece of string or chasing after that laser pointer (we have all seen the YouTube videos). Catnip simply heightens this instinct and you may see a more intense play. This like all interactions with catnip this will pass.

Myth: Catnip is dangerous

Anything in excess could be dangerous. We don’t need to warn you that eating 16 hamburgers in one sitting is probably not the best thing for you. However, there is nothing dangerous about catnip either to you or your cat.

Don’t force your cat into anything they don’t want. Cats are good at telling people if they are interested in something or not, listen to your cat and you both will have a happy healthy relationship.

Myth: Catnip works for every cat

Not all cats will react to catnip, or more precisely Nepeta cataria. Approximately 70% of cats have a positive reaction to this type of catnip.

Interestingly a lot of cats in Australia have no interest in Nepeta cataria – weird huh! If you live in Australia and have found something different then let us know in the comments below.

Myth: There is only one type of catnip

Nepeta cataria is not the only plant that cats can react to. Leading on from our previous statement, in Australasia you might give your kitty something called Matatabi or Valerian both have the same active ingredient, actinidine, which cats love. So all those Australian kitties can rejoice for Matatabi.

Myth: Catnip makes your cat slow

Actually quite the opposite as cats are in a heightened state; they react faster and are more agile.

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