Health Matters – Caring for your cats teeth

Caring for your cats teeth

Caring For Your Cats Teeth

As I have recently discovered, teeth removal in cats can be costly! But many cat owners simply do not know how to care for your cats teeth.

With this in mind (and hopefully so that you can avoid costly vet bills of your own) we have put together or guide on how to keep your cat’s teeth at their best.

Brushing Your Cats Teeth

It may sound rather comical; even to the most dedicated of cat owner, but brushing your cat’s teeth can be a great way to avoid dental disease.

There is a chance that you (and your cat) might not take to the cleaning process instantly but with some perseverance you could soon have a great brushing routine going.

If possible, you should start brushing your cat’s teeth from an early age, that way they can be prepared for having their teeth brushed. However, you shouldn’t brush a kitten’s teeth but you can instead get their teeth used to being touched.

The Tools

The toothpaste you use should be specifically formulated for cats and these will often come in a malt or chicken flavour; whilst it may not sound tempting for you, cats would much rather this than mint.

We suggest using a specially designed cat toothbrush, but baby toothbrushes work just as well. Make sure that you don’t buy a toothbrush that fits over your finger, if the cat decides to bite we can assure you that this will only end up in pain for you!

Getting ready

For the first few days you should place some of the toothpaste on your finger and let the cat lick it off. This way then can get used to the flavour and texture.
Once your cat is used to the taste it is time to start trying out the brush. Try to stick to the same time everyday and pick a time when you (and your cat) are at your most relaxed.
You should hold your cat with their back to you, that way they will feel less confronted and are more likely to be receptive to your brushing plans!
The brushing

Slowly and gently pull back the lips and simply touch the teeth with the brush. If the cat lets you do this then make sure you give them plenty of affection, to show that this is how you want them to behave. Maybe even a treat if they have been extra good.

Repeat this for a few days so that they are comfortable before you start to brush. Once you are both ready you should apply the bristles to the teeth at a 45 degree angle, it should sit just beneath the gum margin. Then is the time to gently brush.

If you are in any doubt about how to best brush you should always ask your vet for advice.

Other forms of dental care

Alongside brushing your cats teeth (or perhaps instead of if you simply can’t) there are some great products out there that are designed to help with cat dental care.

Oral hygiene gels, specific dry food diets and even cat toys can help clean your cat’s teeth. Here at Simply Catnip we also have our very own Matatabi Dental Sticks. These are catnip like treats that not only are great for your cat’s teeth but also a great fun for them to chew!

Health Matters Caring for Your Cats Teeth
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Health Matters Caring for Your Cats Teeth
Learn more about caring for your cats teeth in our quick and easy guide. Have you ever brushed your cats teeth? It's time to learn!
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