Cat Diaries – Spooner and Sookie

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Changes in our household

So something strange has been happening over the past few days in our house.

When it comes to our cats, Spooner has always been the most loving, attentive and affectionate cat possibly ever. There doesn’t seem to be a time when I won’t find her trying to get on my lap (even when I am busily typing away on the laptop) and most of the time I have to put aside whatever it is that I am doing and give in to her demands of a stroke.

Sookie, on the other hand, is more aloof and never comes for affection. Any times that we try to give her a stroke will usually be met with a bite or scratch and her wandering off to assert her catty independence.

Over the past few days however, there has been some kind of change happening. Whilst Spooner is ever her affectionate self, Sookie seems to want to get in on the action too.

Every night for the past week or so, let’s say around 9:30pm, she has crept up onto the sofa and sat herself down on my lap. This has been met with confused glances between myself and my husband; wondering what is going on!

Now, if this wasn’t weird enough, she has upgraded her demands and now nuzzles my hand until I stroke her, preferably under the chin. I swear I have even heard her purring on one or two occasions.

We are not sure how long this is going to continue and exactly why it has come about, but I have to say that this unusual display of affection from Sookie is quite nice. Although, the jealous glances that Spooner seems to throw her way seem to be the only negative side effects and as soon as Sookie has decided that enough is enough she will creep back onto her rightful place and lie down to sleep, safe in the knowledge that when it comes to my lap, she really is top cat!

Cat Diaries - Spooner and Sookie
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Cat Diaries - Spooner and Sookie
Follow in our cat diaries with Sookie and Spooner. Over the past few days, there has been some kind of change happening.
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Simply Catnip
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