Introducing A New Cat To Your Family

Introducing cats to your family

Introducing A New Cat To Your Family

We have already brought you two parts of our new cat series covering those initial hours of introducing a new cat or kitten into your home.

Once they have become used to their surroundings it is time to introduce them to the humans that will form part of their family, otherwise known as your family.

It is likely that everyone will be really excited about meeting the newest addition, especially children, however it is important that you give the kitty time and space so that they feel comfortable rather than confronted.

Kittens in particular are delicate and should be thought of almost as a new-born baby. This means that aside from needing to be handled carefully they will also tire quickly and need to have a rest.

You should provide them with a space that they can escape to when it all becomes too much, nice and quiet and away from people. Make sure that your family members understand that if they go to their quiet space that they should be left alone and you will have a happier kitty!

Introducing A New Cat To Your Children

Children are possibly the trickiest people to introduce to your new cat or kitten. They are likely to be incredibly excited about their new pet and this can scare a nervous kitty. Try to remind them that they should be quiet and calm and allow the cat to approach them.

You can encourage them to sit on the floor and wait for the cat to come to them.

You may also need to be show them how they can stroke and interact with a cat. Even the friendliest of cats are likely to defend themselves if they are pulled around and treated roughly. Children may see them as a play thing and this can lead to scratching or perhaps even a cat that doesn’t like to be handled.

Cats need patience

It is important to remember and remind others that some cats may not have had much contact with humans before and those that have may not have positive experiences. Patience is key when integrating your cat into the family and given time you will soon have a pet that will be an important part of your clan!

After your cat has had the chance to meet your family and get used to the idea of living with you it is time to let them explore the rest of the house. Our next guide in the series will discuss opening up your home and letting your cat discover its new territory!

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Introducing A New Cat To Your Family
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Introducing A New Cat To Your Family
Continuing our guide on how to introduce a new cat to your home we are looking at how to introduce your family and children.
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