Why we love black cats!

black cats

Happy Halloween- Why we love black cats!

With Halloween fast approaching, there are lots of people who will be opting for black cat outfits or perhaps decorating their homes with images of scary black cats. Here at Simply Catnip we think that black cats couldn’t be any less scary if they tried!

To make sure that you love the local black cats rather than find them scary, we have put together the reasons why we love black cats and we think that you should too!

They have the cutest faces

Now, all cats are cute in their own ways, but there is something extra appealing about black cats. Perhaps it is the fact that they have the biggest, yellow eyes possible, which when contrasted against their deep black fur makes them stand out all the more?

They are not exactly ferocious

Come Halloween many people may think that a black cat will be out prowling along the streets and looking for people to terrify. But in all honesty, you are much more likely to find them hiding away at home where they feel the safest.

They always feel nice and warm

Who doesn’t love a cuddle with a warm cat on a chilly evening? Due to the dark nature of their fur, black cats will retain heat, when the sun shines on them. This means that when you give them a stroke, chances are that they are going to feel nice and warm.

They are not bad luck

One of the biggest reasons that black cats make an appearance during Halloween is because they are often seen as being bad luck. But, if you are lucky enough to own one for yourself then you will quickly learn that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Having a cat is always good luck and you are lucky to own them.

They will become a playful part of your family

Owning a new cat means that you are welcoming another member into your family. Not only will it be someone who is always there to talk to, but it will also be someone who you can cuddle up with when you are feeling lonely. Best of all, it is someone who is there to play with and love and nothing is better than that!

So, there you go. Rather than being terrified of black cats, you should give them a big stroke during Halloween! Or if you are anything like us, then you may find yourself stroking any friendly neighborhood cat that crosses your path, which we think is pretty good luck!

Why we love black cats
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Why we love black cats
At this time of the year black cats get a raw deal. Lets show a little love for these wonderful kitties and take a look at why we love them so much!
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Simply Catnip
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