Premium Products

The market is full of mass-produced low grade products. Our raw materials come from quality farms and manufacturers. No fluff, no fillers just a better product.

Strong Branding

Here at Simply Catnip we believe that you need to stand out. Our unique packaging is immediately recognizable and is loved by our customers. Some even eat our boxes!

Really pretty packaging – looks more like a beauty product than a pet product.
Excellent quality and great value. Prompt delivery and nicely packaged.
Louis C
High standards but not elitists, low volume orders are more than welcome LETS TALK

We have been growing year on year.

Are you coming with us?

400 Megastores?

Our business model has been set up to be rapidly scalable.  We are able to fulfill large orders with our in house production processes. Point us in the direction of your distribution hub and expect our delivery.


Active Social Media Communities

Engaging content and great conversation. Our customers enjoy an active community where they can communicate and share their experiences and their pets. We are pet people too you know!









Lets Work Together

Thank you for taking a look at Simply Catnip we believe in long lasting partnerships which benefit both parties. If you have any question or would like to promote or stock our products please leave us a message below.

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