Happy New Year- Resolutions that every pet owner can keep

Resolutions that every pet owner can keep

Resolutions that every pet owner can keep

So here we are, another year has started check out our handy list of Resolutions that every pet owner can keep for the next 12 months.

For many people these involve fitness, weight loss, a new mindset or perhaps finding the perfect career; but for us cat lovers perhaps you should aim your promises towards the feline friend in your life.

We have put together four resolutions that will not only benefit your furry friend but may also have you feeling extra warm and fluffy inside too.

Neuter your cat

If you have an un-neutered cat then now might be the time to consider arranging this with your vets. Cats are known for their ability to breed; and if you don’t want to be inundated with kittens over the next 12 months then you should make sure that you book this operation in.

It isn’t that costly and they will be released from the vets quickly and best of all it can help keep down the amount of unwanted cats that are in kennels up and down the country.

Rescue a cat

Talking of rescue centres; one resolution that you might want to make is to open up your home to your first (or another) kitty. Rather than purchasing a kitten, why not take a visit to your local home and see just what cats are there looking for a loving home.

Giving a home to a rescue cat is incredibly rewarding; not only giving you something extra to love but also ensuring that one less name is on the waiting list for a loving home.

Arrange a cat MOT

If you have noticed that your cat isn’t quite looking or behaving right; now is the time to book into the vets to have them checked over. In most cases it could be nothing, but it is best to stay ahead of any potential illnesses or problems that can arise.

It is a great idea to also ensure that their vaccinations are up to date too; these offer important protection against some of the illnesses that can crop up during their lifetimes.

Get them chipped!

If your cat has the opportunity to go outdoors you should consider microchipping them. These tiny rice sized items are inserted into the neck of your pet and once scanned at the vets, will identify their owner and allow for you to be reunited.

So there you have it; with our help you are definitely sure to have a healthy, happy cat throughout 2016. Let’s just hope that us owners can so easily keep our resolutions too!

Clean Their Teeth

You clean your teeth twice a day right? Cats, and dogs for that matter, also suffer from dental plaque. If you leave your cats teeth they could end up going to the vet to have an extraction, which nobody wants. The build up of plaque can do some serious damage to their teeth, so why not take a quick look to see how your kitties oral hygiene is doing? If it looks really bad then we suggest you take your kitty to the vet for some deep tooth cleaning. Otherwise if they are looking okay but could do with a scrub why not check out our guide to caring for your cats teeth.

Resolutions that every pet owner can keep
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Resolutions that every pet owner can keep
Woah it's January already and it's that time again. Check out some of our new years resolutions that every pet owner can keep.
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