The Environment

Carbon Footprint Offsetting Certificate

We have a firm belief in doing what is right and feel that our impact on our environment should be as small as possible. One of our goals is to become carbon neutral. By offsetting our carbon footprint we can try to reduce our effect on the environment.  To make this happen there are certain calculations which need to be made. These calculations are measured over time so it’s something we can’t instantly do. However, we are committed to see it through and will keep you posted of our progress in our blog.

Carbon Offsetting

To give us a kick start, this morning we offset a tonne of CO2. We like to think of this as putting ourselves into carbon credit!  We did this by investing in an independently verified carbon standards offsetting program. This is to ensure that the program meets strict criteria and that it represents a real, measurable change.

Wind Energy

To help the environment the program we decided to invest in is clean wind energy. As we use electrical energy to power things like our servers and computers we feel that this is the most appropriate method for us to be in credit with.  As things change we will be looking to invest in other environment friendly carbon offsetting programs.


This is another subject we take very seriously. Our pillow boxes are made from card which can easily be recycled at your local recycling center, so when your kitty is done please dispose of the packet responsibly.

Not satisfied with just the box both the inner and outer bags can be widely recycled, or you could just use the inner grip seal bag for something else – which would be even better.

Finally, your awesome little cotton bag can be used over and over again, that’s assuming your cat hasn’t shredded it. If it has been shredded they probably had a lot of fun doing it! In which case it is natural cotton and is 100% recyclable, hurrah!

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