Understanding Cat Behaviour

Ginger cats fighting

What Are You Telling Me Kitty?

Contrary to popular belief that cats are happy enough left alone to their own devices, merely being the agent in which food, water and the odd petting is delivered is not all we are good for. As owners we play a far more important role in our cats lives and have a direct responsibility for our animals. The way we treat and look after them will effect our cats behaviour.

Cats can be very confusing at times so lets try to unravel the metaphoric ball of string which is your cats mind, in some cats cases they might be better off with a ball of string in there. That’s not to say they are dumb, just like any animal including overgrown monkeys like ourselves there are varying degrees of intelligence. Some cats can be successfully trained to use the toilet and flush it and others sit on floor sweeping robots chasing ducks around the kitchen! My ginger Tom used to knock on the door to be let in because he couldn’t be bothered to walk to the cat flap. On the other hand we also had a cat who used to catch and bring in mice, that would have been fine if they weren’t still alive. Who the hell wants a live mouse running around the kitchen? Some cats are just not that bright, so maybe your pet won’t be the next Hollywood cat actor but they will still love you unconditionally.

Meat Bags To Be Claimed!

Back to the topic at hand! You might have seen your cat rubbing it’s face all over well, everything from the TV to the shower pane. What they are doing is marking their territory, it’s a bit like dogs going around peeing everywhere but slightly less grim. In doing so they are leaving their scent on that object whether that is your chair legs or your friend who has cat allergies, that object is now theirs. Consequentially if you do have a friend with allergies you will notice your cat will make a bee line for them. This is not out of spite to ruin your friends day. That person is in your cats environment and its territory, so your cat is just going over to stamp its ownership on them.

Although this may be useful for your cat to keep tabs on objects and people, cat saliva is a common pet allergy. Imagine a scene from a horror movie where the hapless person runs around the room to avoid the inevitable, your cat will persist until they have got their victim err… way. Letting your cat mark an old cloth next friend may be all that is required to leave them lone. Good to know that your cat thinks your friends are just meat bags to be claimed!

Does Your Cat Use Windows?

Not that I have ever had an indoor cat, I have heard that you could expect your kitty to spend a bit of time lurking near windows (maybe they want out)? Apparently strange noises, growling perhaps, accompanied by odd movements can be expected. To be honest this sounds like your cat is using the window for what it was designed, to look out of! If their nemesis (Mr Tiddles) is lurking the other side then fully expect your cat to attempt to defend its territory. Either that or perhaps they have just seen a tasty looking pigeon.

Wear The Little Buggers Out!

Cats love to play, by doing this it will help hone their hunting skills. Playing with toys and pouncing on things should be expected and encouraged. The more pouncing that goes on at sociable hours the less you might get at 5am, wear the little buggers out and you might get some more kip! Not only is this good for your cat it is fun and helps build bonds between you. Like most animals you should not attempt to stop their natural instincts, they should be guided as to where and when something is suitable. Scratching and clawing is always going to be something your cat will do however, before it is your new leather sofa you should get and encourage your cat to use a scratching post. If you value your furniture or wallpaper this is one of the very first things you should get, before a cat even.

Just like people the more time you spend with your cat the better you will understand them. Your cat over the years will express some odd behaviour knowing and recognizing signs of distress are possibly the most important. Ignoring changes in your cats behaviour can, not only be counter productive but it could be dangerous if your cat is unwell. Whatever your cat does it will have a reason learn to recognize that reason and you will have a happy healthy kitty.

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