Cat tales; A trip to the vets for Spooner

vets for spooner

Off To The Vets For Spooner

This week the unthinkable happened; our beloved moggy Spooner had a little mishap so it was off to the vets for Spooner.

Before we delve into the details; I think it only best to give you a bit of a background on one of the furry members of our family.

We have had Spooner since birth, her cat mum (Dave) gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens a very long time ago. 3 were rehomed but there was something incredibly special about Spooner that meant that we had to keep her.

Nearly 10 years on, 2 kids and a couple of houses later; Spooner is a firm member of the family and is possibly one of the most loved cats ever known to man.

Now it is easy to see why her heading to the vets for an operation was quite so important for us all.

Thankfully, it was just a couple of loose teeth that needed taking out; but needless to say as you sign on that form to say you understand and accept  the risks that is posed to your pet; there is a lump to be found in your throat.

I was so worried about whether or not the operation would go well that I had to work from home for the day; the prospect of being 2 minutes away compared to 45 minutes was too much for me to bear.

I dropped her, gave her plenty of cuddles and left her looking confused and meowing quite loudly at the vets with a promise to collect her as soon as I could.

At 3pm I shakily dialled the number of the vets; to be told that Spooner was fully recovered and could be picked up in a couple of hours. I don’t think I have ever been so relieved in my life.

Those 2 hours could not have come quickly enough. The veterinary nurse was full of compliments for our beautiful, funny and clever little kitty and said she had been a delight to watch over for the day. They also said that for her age she was in fantastic health and we could look forward to plenty of time with her in the future!

My heart did swell a little with pride; much like we feel about our children, you always think that your cat is the best. Now I knew that she was.

So here she is in all her post op glory; slightly dazed, 2 teeth down and rocking her mini bald patch. Spooner. The wonder cat!

Cat tales; A trip to the vets for Spooner
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Cat tales; A trip to the vets for Spooner
Unfortunately we had a mishap this week which meant a visit to the Vet. Spooner is now down a couple of teeth. Remember to clean your cats teeth!
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Simply Catnip
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